Studio 98B – for sale – and then what?

Autumn at 98B

In 1992 we decided we wanted to move from the Espanola Valley and found an ad for land near Madrid for $300 an acre!  Wow.  In less than 3 hours we parted with our new realtor and had a glorious picnic on the mesa top we would one day fondly call “98B.”  The land was more than $300 and acre, but we knew – almost immediately – we wanted to live there.  We decided to be logical and spend a week looking at other properties and other areas.  At the end of the week we had walked over seven other lots in Santa Fe, Rio Arriba, and Taos counties.  After all of that we still wanted the property at 98B Gold Mine Rd (actually, at that time it was 1133 Gold Mine Rd).  The area, 25 minutes to Santa Fe, had everything we thought we wanted:  a little co-op school for our daughter, the intriguing tourist town of Madrid where we could sell our art, a gas station at Mary’s Bar, a few small restaurants, a general store, etc.  The views – breathtaking! So we called the real estate agent back and the price had gone up $10k in one week!  We bought it because we could not stand to wait another day.

Over the next 12 years we would personally lay twenty five thousand adobe blocks, learn framing, basic plumbing, electrical, stone cutting, etc.  Then we would add more structures until there were four main structures and three outbuildings.  Our vision changed to create an art show space, a private compound that could open for entertaining and guests.  This was a dream that Barbara and I had had since 1975 – to hand build our own home, albeit the original concept was smaller.  As our dream manifested, the area transformed as we knew it would, with B&B’s, State Parks, preservesa wild horse sanctuary and expanded areas for the film industry.  As our home flourished so did Madrid and Cerrillos.  Now we are ready for the next adventure.

It is our plan to move to the Asheville, North Carolina area for our next adventure.  We truly hope that the right person will come along and enjoy the oasis we have helped to found here on the Mesa top: solar heat, permaculture, green built environments.  Our real estate agents, Spence Ralston  and Ted Rivera have made a wonderful site for 98B which is now on the market.  For the right person(s) this home and compound could be your dream come true.

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