The Boys from Baraboo Launch

An amazing new concept in illustrated children’s books, this book, authored by the great grandson of Charles Ringling and illustrated by his wife Barbara Harnack is made in a fashion that could have been molded by the Ringling Brothers themselves. Barbara Harnack followed the Ringling boys dedication to making their own sets and has built every scene in 3-D and photographed the actions that illustrate the Ringling Brothers rise from childhood play to The Greatest Show on Earth (R).


“The Boys from Baraboo, the Ringling Brothers Story” illustrated by Barbara Harnack and written by Michael Lancaster will be released on October 15, 2012. 


retail: $17.95

ISBN – 978-0615655925


Barbara Harnack will join Michael Lancaster for an autumn tour of Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and finish in western Florida in December.  Interactive events will introduce children to play and express by making your own characters at children’s museums, bookstores and libraries.  Book signings can share both “The Boys from Baraboo,” and “Ringling, The Last Laugh,” by Lancaster, however, because Lancaster’s novel is adult subject matter readings will be offered at separate events. Barbara Harnack will offer a children’s table where some children may be introduced to materials from which they can learn to express their own stories.


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